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Why You Should Choose Organic Products For Your Child

Organic Products can be expensive.

They’re hard to find and when we do manage to get our fingers on them, we’re often left feeling disappointed (and dare I say, a little cheated) at how much (or little really) we got for the big bucks we worked so hard to get in the first place!

They’re seasonal (so what are you meant to do when you get a craving?) and worst of all, there’s no real proof they’re actually better for you so you just end up feeling like one big sucker who got cheated out of some hard earned dough, right?


The more our Earth is being faced with the very real problems of climate change, exploitation of the planet’s resources and over farming/over fishing, going green may not just be a trendy bumper sticker you put proudly display your car any longer.

It may be our only option.

As terrifying as this sounds; it’s not all bad!

Believe us – let’s check some pretty hard hitting facts that prove that organics are no longer a nice to have but a necessity.

Why you’ll want to pay a little extra for Organic Products:

There are a variety of very justified reasons on why organic products are actually more expensive in comparison to their unnatural, chemical filled peers. Such as around being grateful to farmers who are using a significantly higher amount of labour than growers who use pesticides by providing natural substitutes to protect their crop so it gets to our tables as scrumptiously healthy as Mother Nature has always intended.

Qualifying for organic certification requires a lot of red tape, work and money which is often borne by the organic farmers’ personal funds, so naturally, a slightly higher price tag is to be expected and most importantly, appreciated and understood.

Organic ingredients also tend to grow slower due to the absence of growth hormones and other pesticides.  Most importantly, organic livestock tend to live healthier lives better aligned to their natural instincts, which is ultimately better for us and our children. Check out this quick to read detailed list on why organic products maybe more expensive.

Organic Products are better for the environment and us:

You may have you noticed the increase in children developing allergies from a young age recently.

Take a moment to think about this.

When you were a child, or better yet, when your parents were children, how many of your friends, your parents’ friends or even your grandparents’ friends had allergies?

Chances are few, if any. What is the real reason for this?

Before Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) came onto the scene (and big businesses got involved in stopping the easy access of what is everyone’s birth right – healthy and fresh food), many vegetables and other food stuffs were organic by default. Free from chemicals and harsh additives, people ate food the way nature encouraged us to – fresh and free from preservatives.

Even though there is no clear confirmation to prove that GMO products are dangerous, the potential harmful side-effects GMOs may have on the human body and the environment are not entirely understood yet, a dangerous limbo to be trapped in the midst of!

Organic products take a precautionary approach and most imperatively, encourage natural biodiversity. You can always better educate yourself on the benefits of organic agriculture on the environment.

Although there is no evidence about the injurious effects of non-organic products, using natural products externally and feeding natural products to your children will ensure that they are consuming all the nutrients and proteins they should be, which means you can be assured that your family is getting the best possible natural protection and defences they are supposed to be for a long, and more importantly, healthier life.

According to the Australian Organic Market Report, the organic sector has had a 15.4% compound annual growth rate since 2009 and is valued at over 1.72AUD billion. Consumption of certified organic products is at a record high and the trend isn’t just occurring down-under. The same incredible increase for organic products can be seen in the United States and the United Kingdom.

Our most valuable resources are our children but they are also the future of this mesmerising planet of ours. It makes sense to present them with the best possible start in life they can have with one we can so easily provide. Let’s take a leaf out of our ancestors’ book and the simple, effective remedies they had for common day illnesses as well as the preventative measures they took.

We live on a beautiful planet filled with an abundance of natural resources and alternatives. It’s about time we took a helping hand from Mother Nature, wouldn’t you agree?

After all, her experience is bountiful and we’re sure you’d agree – Mother always knows best.

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