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Unemployment After Maternity & CPD Courses

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Having worked in the NHS for a little over five years without any days off (minus the planned annual leave during the year) & a squeaky clean record, it’s a little difficult to grasp that I’ll still be left without a job once my maternity leave ends. It’s no doubt that government cuts and an ever-growing population have put a big strain on the healthcare sector. Plus, there’s always the fact that more experienced individuals can easily be employed from overseas at affordable rates. Nevertheless, it still feels like all my years of loyalty and hard work have not been returned, so the search for a new position begins.

At the time of writing this, I’m still nowhere near finding a suitable position which considers my personal commitments as a single mother and doesn’t require a whole list of skills which have been introduced since I left my last role. Plus, the competitive nature of the current labour market means employers are snapping up those who have more to offer but fewer responsibilities, so they are free to work whenever they are required. It’s a bit disheartening to be honest, so after trawling through various forums and sharing the same thoughts as other mothers out there, I decided to go back to school.

Yes, you’ve read that right, but let’s be clear, I’m not going back to school and starting from scratch again. Instead, I’m taking some CPD courses via the Health Professional Academy to improve my skills and learn new knowledge to bulk up my CV in a bid to impress employers to hire me. All the courses on the site have been developed with the audience in mind, so learning can be done on the-go, at a time that suits, in a variety of engaging formats. There are a range of courses for Healthcare Assistant CPDs which are perfect for me as this is the type of role I’m looking to work in at a pharmacy and the courses are absolutely free with accredited CPD certification which counts towards revalidation!

The best bit of all is that I know the content is relevant and current, as the courses are designed by experts through working collaboratively with HCPs and leading academics, as well as the information provided being compliant with UK government guidelines. As a first time mum, there are aspects of child health, mum and baby I’m not completely confident with, and since I got asked many questions regarding these topics in my last role, I’m hoping to increase my awareness around these areas further. From nappy rash to colic, Health Professional Academy really covers it all and it’s a learning community created by the sister company to Emma’s Diary, so they know women and their babies best.

So far, I’ve already learnt a great deal and feel more confident in advising individuals on certain queries relating to child health after completing a few CPD courses – I’m also able to use the information in my role as a mum too! Using the website to navigate to different courses and modules is also super simple and easy. If you’re a health professional wanting to get back into the world of work, after having a baby, but need something to amaze potential employers with, I would definitely recommend this site as you can’t go wrong.

Wish me luck!

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