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5 Habits of Self Love to Adopt In Your Life Right Now

Self love is so important in developing a positive mindset and being confident in who you are. When you love yourself you make the best decisions for yourself and become the best person you can be. There are various strategies and tools you can use to build your self love. This article details 5 habits of self love to adopt in your life right now to live your best life.

1. Love Yourself As You Are Right Now

Don’t set conditions on the love you have for yourself. As a woman, and human in general, it can be common that in your mind, you set certain criteria that has to be met before you love yourself.

“I’ll love myself when I lose weight…”

“I’ll love myself when I have a boyfriend…”

“I’ll love myself when I get the promotion at work…”

When you set external criteria such as the above, it means that you will be only be happy and love yourself when this happens. Moreover, if you meet the criteria, you will feel pressured to maintain it in order to continue loving yourself.

Can you gently let go of criteria?
Can you choose to love yourself as you are right now because if you do, imagine what would happen when you make your goals and dreams happen?

2. Stop Comparing Yourself

Comparing yourself to other people will never truly give you any happiness.

See the beauty in the fact that you are so unique.

You are one of a kind and there is only one you on this planet right now. Embrace who you are.

Shift your energy from outside of you and turn that focus inwards.

3. Be Kind To Yourself Always

It costs nothing to be kind, so always be kind to yourself.

There is no downside to being kind to yourself, you only have so much to gain!

In this world there are already people who are ready to troll you, critique you and judge you, don’t add yourself into this mix.

Acknowledge the fact that you are only human and you are doing the best that you can.

4. Feel Your Feelings

When you run from your feelings, it will likely pop up back into your life in ways you never expected. Feelings are energy in motion, when you don’t process them they become stored in your body and you may feel a heaviness that you carry around.

Feel your feelings to release the pent up energy that our feelings carry and story.

Your emotions help you realise how you are feeling at this very moment and what truly matters to you.

Lean into them. Lean in to your happiness. Lean into your sadness. Lean into your excitement.

Feel it all.

5. Invest in Yourself

When it comes to life, as a general stereotype humans are so happy to spend time, effort and money on loved ones or even themselves through indulging on clothes, make up and food as instances. So rarely do we think about ourselves and what we truly need in life, not just want.

You will never regret investing in yourself whether that’s time, effort or money. One of the best decisions I made was investing in a coach to help me on my mindset as well as having clients tell me that investing in a coach was worth every dollar.

Try embracing and adopting these 5 habits for self love in your life right now and watch your life transform from the inside out. Love in general is so important, especially the love you have for yourself which dictates what love you accept from others in your life too. 

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