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8 Date Ideas for the Ultimate Indoor Date Night

With home being the new ‘place to be’, as a couple, you may be looking at upping your at home date night game! Although going on an adventure traditionally involves getting out of the house, these ideas are perfect for having a full date night experience from home. No excuses not to prioritize some us time with these eight great date night ideas. 

1. Spa night 

Turn down the lights and light the candles – the perfect mood for a spa night indoors! Take an online massage course to help each other relax. Or lie on the couch together with face masks on, followed by an aromatic bath together. Particularly when life gets hectic, it’s important to take the time to find some zen together.

2. The ultimate games night

Let out your competitive spirit and try every two-player game in your house! If you don’t have any games in the house, try some Minute To Win It challenges or go head-to-head as you attempt to beat your pick of Guinness world records.

3. Indoor picnic feast

Picnics are a classic date idea, but you don’t have to rely on sunny weather for this one! Relax in your living room, spread out all your favourite foods and drinks, and enjoy an evening of nibbles together.

4. Take a trip down nostalgia lane 

Reminisce the best part of your journey together until now. Make presentations of your favourite memories together, create a relationship playlist, look through old photos, or just recreate your first date and remind yourselves how grateful you are for each other.

5. Salsa and cocktails 

Fairly self-explanatory – any evening of dancing and cocktails is bound to be fun. For this one, start the evening by inventing your own cocktail recipes and once you’re loosened up, set up the dance floor in your living room! There are lots of online dance lessons available to help you get your groove on or you could even try to re-create the greatest Tiktok videos yourself.

6. Travel the world 

You don’t necessarily have to leave your living room to experience the flavours and sites of the world. Why not pick a destination and plan your whole date night around that place. Think of food, activities and look at sites which transport you to your destination. 

7. Go on a radio-silence weekend away

Escape your daily lives with a tech-free staycation. Make it proper old-school by turning off your phones and taking the time to reconnect away from the distractions of modern life. You can spend time hiking, playing board games, or just chatting about life as you gaze at the starry night sky.

8. Do a themed date night 

This one’s easy – pick a theme and make it last for an entire evening! It can be anything – 007, the 80s, Disney, Italian, the beach, or anything else that takes your fancy. If you’re feeling short on inspiration, get a themed date delivered to you with a date night box by Box42!

Do you have more ideas? Why not share them with us on social media (@box42_dates) or in the comments below, we would love to get your ideas. 

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  1. I love the idea of a radio silence weekend – it’s getting out of it again that I might find difficult!
    Great suggestions here 🙂

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