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Why Mother’s Day Matters

Before I became a mother, I always made sure I sent my mum a card and a gift on Mother’s Day, she’s a brilliant woman and I wanted to show how much I loved her.  But I had no notion of how much these small gifts and words meant to her.  It just wasn’t possible before I had my own children.

It’s a seismic change that happens, which is never easy to explain.  But becoming a mother opened up a part of my heart that I didn’t knew existed before.  It has also challenged me in more ways than I could have imagined.  

Motherhood is not a romantic walk in the park.  It is exhausting and challenging.  From struggling with breastfeeding and sleep deprivation, to colic and reflux, there is a lot to overcome with love!

But it proves our strength and allows us to find depths of courage and calm that we didn’t know we had.  And all for beautiful, tiny people, who love us unconditionally but have absolutely no idea what they put us through.

However, motherhood is also taken for granted on a daily basis by most of humanity.  Children and partners often see their mother’s love and support so much, that it blends into the background.  The sacrifice that is often involved is easy to miss – who starts eating last at a meal, who has the smallest portion of pudding, who sleeps the least, who takes on the burden of unpaid housework and childcare most… Times are changing, but it’s still women and mothers who tend to do this.  And as a result the work of motherhood is often taken for granted on a daily basis.

But when a handmade card, a long telephone call, or thoughtful gift arrives, it means such an unbelievable amount.  More than any child will realise.  It’s a sign that the long nights and days, of sacrificing your body and mind for a time, are worth it!  That the work is noticed and appreciated.

And its not important to be hugely materialistic, as it is genuinely the thought that counts.  The same goes for motherhood – babies don’t need all the fancy toys and clothes, but they do need thought and care!  Mother’s Day is just a chance to show this clearly.

So my top tips to anyone who is in charge of Mother’s Day celebrations in their house is to make sure you prioritise the below, before any physical gifts…

  1. A lie in.  Mother’s miss sleep.  Sleep deprivation is a form of torture but in early motherhood, getting 4 hours of sleep a night can seem like a huge achievement.  Giving a mum the gift of a bit more sleep is enormous and worth more than it’s weight in gold.
  2. A hot cup of tea or coffee.  No one drinks more cold tea than a mum.  It’s a simple pleasure that can act as a micro-moment of self care in your day.  Make sure she has a hot brew such as this Get Up & Glow Tea!
  3. A long shower or bath – at whatever time of day she wants, and alone.  For atleast the first 2 years of a child’s life, mother’s don’t tend to go to the loo or shower alone – unless it’s after dark.  So let her indulge during daylight hours, alone.

These small moments can give a mum the chance to recharge and then reflect.  To take in all they’ve achieved and all they love, without feeling overwhelmed by the normal demands of breakfast, tooth brushing and outfit picking. 

Because as much as we love our children, Mother’s Day matters because so often the work of motherhood is overlooked.  Taken for granted.  In the best of ways – because our mums are our rocks and we know they’ll always be there for us.  But just for one day, let her be alone for a little bit.  And then shower her with love, cards, flowers, food and chocolate!

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