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So, You Need Advice On Your Sexual Health…

When it comes to advice on sexual health, there’s multiple sources of information available, so things can get a little overwhelming. However, for confidential advice from a trustworthy health professional, it’s worth visiting an urgent care service such as your local sexual health clinic. This is particularly important if you need contraception or require STI testing/cervical screening, as you need to make sure that you’re in a reliable facility to help you with any medical issues and to able to receive the appropriate medicinal prescription if needed. Here are some factors to consider before finding an urgent care service which offers a sexual health clinic:

Where is the urgent care centre located?

Remember, it’s best to find sexual health services offered in an urgent care centre near you which is a quick drive. You don’t want to be in a position where you have to travel nearly thirty minutes out of your way. However, if there are no urgent care centres which offer sexual health services in your area, you might want to travel a little bit further. You can always use Google Maps or another app to help you find clinics around you and make sure to take a look at the reviews to see if it’s worth the travel. It’s best to choose an area you know in case you have to go back there for medical attention in the future.

Do they charge a fee for their services?

Sometimes, the urgent care centre you use may charge a fee for their sexual health services, so it’s worth ringing up beforehand to find out if this is the case. For those in receipt of government benefits, most of these services are free of charge, however you may need to pay to cover the administration charges at a private walk-in clinic. If you have health insurance, chances are that you’ll pay very little out of pocket because the insurance company will cover the costs if you incur any, but be sure to check with them before you go to the clinic, because certain sexual health services can be a bit expensive. If you’re not in a rush, take a little time to see what your best option is. Call both the urgent care centre which offers the sexual health services you are in need of as well as your insurance company to see if your insurance covers the costs as it’ll save you more money in the long run.

What services are available?

Before choosing an urgent care clinic, it’s worth looking into the types of service on offer in the centre. Not all urgent care centres offer sexual health services, so make sure to check up on this before you make a trip there. Also, find out if you can book specific services, such as STI testing, online to help make your waiting time shorter. Furthermore, be sure the staff are appropriately trained so they are able to carry out minor procedures, such as inserting a contraception implant or carrying out a swab for clinical testing.

Remember, having a reliable urgent care centre to visit for your sexual health needs can help you save both time and hassle, so be sure to make your choice carefully.

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