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Why Vinyl Flooring is the Kid-Friendly Solution For Busy Households

For those with young children and busy households, vinyl flooring is pretty much the answer; what will all the accidents and messy play sessions! However, with so many different brands, it can be a little tedious when it comes to comparing the qualities and prices of the different types on offer. Nevertheless, in every kind of product, there is one brand that has gone above and beyond in its field to deliver a product that advances on its competition.

Being a leading brand brings a lot of pressure, and with Quick-Step luxury vinyl, the brand has been known to withstand the most pressure to become a firm favourite among vinyl flooring giants.

Baby Steps to Large Strides

When looking to purchase vinyl flooring, it’s no doubt that those with young children will be concerned about how long it will last, because it’s not every day that you can splurge! Quick-Step luxury vinyl flooring stands firmly among its peers to be considered one of the leading favourites in the field of vinyl products.

It’s no doubt that luxury vinyl flooring brands have spent their considerable time testing and crafting the ultimate in flooring durability, style and assurance by bringing together the industry’s top designers, manufacturers and consultants towards the highest quality of design and innovation. This, however, doesn’t make it any easier for parents when it comes to deciding which vinyl flooring brand to opt for.

But, don’t worry! Quick-Step has got you covered and is deemed a visionary brand that is miles ahead of competitive flooring brands, with a keen focus on flexible, durable and sustainable options for any room in the house. This also makes it a much more cost-effective option for those looking for a long term flooring solution!


Every parent will obviously be worried about the safety of their children, especially when it comes to new flooring which can often be slippery due to its pristine condition. Well, there’s no need to worry now; intricately crafted and designed Quick-Step planks and tiles meet any requirement within the home, with features set to protect the flooring and the potential hazards they face.

With enhanced slip resistance, you can be sure that even the busiest kitchen will not see any incidents. Utilising breakthrough manufacturing techniques, Quick-Step stamps slip resistant particles through the wear layers which do not compromise the aesthetic but ensures that the performance over a lifetime stays consistent. Furthermore, with a standard 1.0mm wear layer and a 20-year commercial warranty, you can be sure that heavy use won’t mean heavy repairs.

Quick-Step Design Satisfaction

Whilst ensuring that the flooring in your home is kid-friendly, it can also become quite a prolonged task when ascertaining that the selected product will match the aesthetic of your interiors. No matter how fussy you are for selecting the right look for your home, Quick-Step luxury vinyl has a product in store for you.

Everything from replicated hardwoods to blended earthly looking stone, luxury vinyl flooring goes above and beyond to give your home the design satisfaction the first time around. For those liking a more wild design, you can choose abstract designs or a mix of vibrant styles to showcase a little diversity, giving whatever room you choose a feel of warmth and comfort.

Also of note is its relative ease on the bank balance, with Quick-Step luxury vinyl flooring being a much cheaper alternative over the real deal. Plus, it’s easy to install, easy to maintain and easy to afford. – you cannot put a foot wrong with Quick-Step and for the best vinyl flooring, you cannot choose a much better brand than a leader.

So, if you’re still indecisive over making the switch to vinyl flooring in your home, this is your sign to go ahead!

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