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How to Create The Perfect Gallery Wall in Your Home

Apart from art galleries and other expert display areas, you will find gallery walls in educational institutions, offices, and homes. With the use of picture hanging systems, gallery walls can be quickly and simply created whilst eradicating wall repairs and damage. However, with countless models, identifying the best hanging system in the market can be challenging. Here’s the good news: this guide offers insight into selecting the right picture hanging system whilst enabling you to create the perfect gallery wall in your home.

Location, Location, Location

Before you start to choose the art you’d like to display in your home and decide on the layout, it’s important to focus on where exactly you’d like the gallery wall. Most often, they are used to create a feature wall in living rooms or to add some character to hallways. It’s also essential to figure out if you’ll need to illuminate the art prints, which is specifically important for bigger pieces. Some hanging systems provide an incorporated lighting option, which can be beneficial in ensuring the proper illumination of your gallery wall.

Choose your art

Whether you’d like a particular artist’s work to cover your walls or you’d like the art to match your interior, there’s a whole host of places to buy art prints both online and in-store. Also, consider the size of the prints and the style of the frames. It’s important to ensure that your prints can be held by the hanging system you wish to use by paying keen attention to the specifications for each constituent’s weight-bearing capacity as well as installation prerequisites.

Decide on the layout

Don’t start banging nails into your wall straight away; instead lay your prints out on the floor to arrange and rearrange the order until you’re happy. After this you can consider the hanging system you’d require by taking into account the size, number and weight of your art prints as well as intended arrangement. This will then allow you to calculate the amount of hooks and hangers you’ll require for secure hanging.

Hang your prints

Picking high-quality prints will ensure your gallery wall lasts. Also, be sure to choose a hanging system which is robust to handle rearrangements and can securely accommodate the frames you have opted for before purchasing.

Creating a gallery wall in your home might seem daunting if you don’t know where to start. With this guide, you can narrow down your options and make an informed decision.

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