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How to Raise an Optimistic Child

Having an optimistic attitude is important for children because it helps them find happiness and contentment. If they are always worrying about something coming up in the future, or dwelling on the past, they will find themselves in a constant state of anxiety and disapproval. With this in mind, parents should try and look for ways they can help their youngsters adopt a more positive, “glass half full”, kind of approach to life, using the following tips from a boys’ school in near London.

Be a Good Role Model

Children learn how to behave by observing influential people around them, such as their parents, teachers and other friends and family. With that said, if you want your child to have an optimistic attitude, you will need to demonstrate it yourself. Try not to complain too much in front of your youngster, and instead look for ways to instil positivity within your family.

For instance, you might have a job interview coming up that you’re feeling nervous about. Don’t let your child see that your anxious, and instead try and show them how to approach challenges with a positive attitude. Say things like “I’m sure I’ll be fine as I have prepared, and I tick all the right boxes for the job”. If you are unlucky and another candidate is chosen, say something like “Never mind, another opportunity will come my way that I’m better suited for”, rather than expressing your disappointment. These are just a couple of examples of how you can put a positive spin on a negative situation, to demonstrate to your child appropriate ways to respond to setbacks.

Practise Gratitude

By exploring the things they are grateful for, your child will be able to focus on the things that make them happy and fortunate, rather than concentrating on the bad stuff. With that said, try and find opportunities to chat to your child about the things they are grateful for that day, no matter how small.

Help Your Child with their Confidence

If your child has low self-esteem, they will find it difficult to look to the future with a positive outlook. As a result, it’s a good idea to try and build up your child’s confidence as much as possible, by reminding them you are proud of them and praising them when appropriate. For instance, if they have a test coming up at school, let them know that as long as they try their best, you won’t be disappointed in them. They need to know that they have your support at all times.

Another way to build up their confidence is to encourage them to explore different hobbies so that they can develop various key skills. The more proficient they feel in different areas, they more they will believe in themselves, which will help cultivate an optimistic attitude.

Embrace Mistakes

Mistakes are an inevitable part of life, and we all make them. Your child needs to know that things won’t always go to plan for them, but that shouldn’t dim their sparkle. Teach your child that life is full of ups and downs and things won’t always happen the way they were planned, and that’s perfectly ok.

So, when your child makes a mistake, try not to be too hard on them. Praise them for owning up to it and teach them how they can learn from their mistake for next time. You should also try and help them experience lots of positive, happy things to counterbalance the negative aspects of life.

Help Your Child Establish Some Goals

If your child has lots of plans and things they want to achieve, they will have something positive to focus on and work towards. Essentially, helping your child set goals will help instil a sense of hope, which is a great way to promote an optimistic attitude.

Whilst there are many other ways to raise an optimistic child, these steps are a brilliant stepping stone for your child to become an empower adult and live their life to their full capabilities.

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