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How LED Lighting Can Reduce the Energy Bills in Your Home

With the current Covid-19 pandemic lasting a little longer than we’d have thought, many families are finding it harder to get by on a single wage, especially with the rising costs of living. With the UK labour market looking miserable and many employers deciding to furlough members of staff, the financial forecast is looking bleaker than ever. The recent news of the energy crisis has estimated that household bills may soar to 30%; add in a special occasion or an unexpected issue, such as a boiler breakdown, and many of us will be scraping pennies from the bottom of the piggy bank to get through the month! In difficult times like these, it’s easy to give up, but the secret is to keep persistent and control aspects of our lives which are easily attainable – one of these is to start living a more eco-friendly life.

Whilst living an eco-friendly life may seem more expensive, it is in fact much more cost effective in the long term. A bamboo toothbrush can last a whole year whilst ditching kitchen towels and replacing them with fabric rags can save thousands of pounds! However, to start off with, consider switching to LED lighting in your home to significantly reduce the cost of electricity usage – here’s why:

It is energy efficient

LED lighting is a lot more energy efficient when compared to incandescent light bulbs which means that less energy is used by a LED light in comparison to a standard light bulb. This dramatically reduces the overall usage of electricity needed to power the lighting in your home, which in turn will slash your electric bills considerably. Moreover, a less amount of heat energy is generated by LED lighting, so a smaller amount of energy is wasted.

It is long lasting

Since LED lighting is efficient in general, it also lasts longer when compared to traditional incandescent light bulbs as they are solid state devices. This is mainly due to the fact that they have no internal components which may malfunction overtime, whereas standard light bulbs consist of multiple internal mechanisms which can become faulty overtime due to usage, such as the filament.

It is easy to use

LED lighting is a lot easier to use when compared to standard light bulbs. This is because most traditional light bulbs require a screw or bayonet connection, so it can be a lengthy and difficult job when installing a lighting source in a specific area within your home; especially if you require an electrician which can lead to staggering costs! On the other hand, LED lighting normally comes in the form of self adhesive LED panels which can be stuck to any area, and they only requite an electric socket output to operate, making it an extremely convenient and simple alternative to traditional incandescent light bulbs. Furthermore, many LED lighting systems come with a handy remote control from which the lighting can easily be turned on and off, with some more advanced models allowing colour rotation.

On a final note, if you’re looking to slash the costs of living, there are many other ways to drastically reduce the expenditure in your home – start small and see the difference for yourself!

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