love your red hair

Love Your Red Hair

Did you know November the 5th is National Red Head Day? Well, you do now! It’s an annual holiday created for redheads by redheads to celebrate the rarest of hair colours around the globe, with Scotland being the redhead capital of the world!

Redhead sisters Adrienne and Stephanie Vendetti, co-founders of How to be a Redhead, are the brainchild of National Red Head Day. It was first launched in the US during the year 2012 after which the sisters have come leaps and bounds celebrating their website’s success, publishing their beauty book specifically aimed at redheads as well as curating and marketing a monthly H2BAR Beauty Box, all to raise the profile of redheads.

To this day, the redhead demographic is shockingly misunderstood with high profile beauty labels offering inadequate products to nurture the redhead’s specific beauty requirements. Furthermore, Stephanie Vendetti has stated that as young girls both sisters had trouble finding redhead friendly products because most items caused their skin to irritate or break out. Many makeup consultants at department stores also shied away from personalised consulations, so they took it upon themselves to try and test different types of products to match their fair complexion.

Since over 25% of redheads live within the British Isles, Riz, the co-founder of Cliphair, felt that he should be doing more to support them and spread awareness in the UK. Therefore, back in 2012, Cliphair launched the first redhead range of hair extensions, and to this day, they remain the leading seller of red hair extensions, with 10 stunning shades in their bestselling collections. You can follow Cliphair’s Redhead Campaign on their socials via #LoveYourRedHair #RedsHaveMoreFun & #CliphairRedheads on an annual basis.

The secret that makes redheads so unique and special is that their genetics have a mutation in the MC1R protein due to their parents having two copies of a recessive gene on chromosome 16. However, one can be lucky enough to be born with red hair even if neither parents have this gene. And, if this wasn’t confusing enough, the gene can also skip generations!

So, to celebrate National Red Head Day, here are a few redhead related facts:

  • Redheads with blue eyes are incredibly rare with just 0.17% making up the global population
  • People with red hair are more likely to be left handed
  • Redheads were once considered to be witches – spooky!
  • Being pale, redheads are more efficient in creating vitamin D as they don’t require as much sunlight
  • Redheads are more sensitive to hot and cold pain, meaning they change temperature really easily
  • Redheads have less hair than most other people – they only have 90,000 strands of hair
  • Studies have shown people with red hair are more likely to age slower – isn’t that amazing?

With so many interesting and exclusive qualities to being a natural redhead, it’s a colour which should be more openly embraced amongst individuals within our society. So, in the words of the Vendetti sisters “Rock it like a Redhead”!

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