save money on a budget

How To Save Money On A Budget

With the ongoing pandemic affecting individuals on a global scale, it seems it has become more difficult to find a suitable and stable job role in the labour market. This is seemingly down to inflation which has made any employer think twice about hiring more help, however it is also caused by a scarcity of available positions, due to a declining level of staff turnover and more individuals choosing to stay longer in the roles they are in due to the current climate. Therefore, it’s becoming more and more difficult for many families to make ends meet. If you’re in the same boat, here are some simple ways to save money on a budget:

Use Cashback Programs

We’ve all heard about these apps, but how many of us have actually given them a go? With a rise in online shopping, it’s easy to sign up to a cashback site or app and begin to save money on your daily purchases. There’s also a range of supermarket memberships available where you can also receive special offers and discounts just by being a returning customer!

Negotiate Your Home Insurance

Whether you own your house or live in rented accommodation, chance is that you’ll have home or contents insurance to cover yourself as well as protect your family. With plenty of comparison sites on the internet, it’s become easier to click and compare the price you’re paying for your insurance as well as directly contact insurance providers to negotiate their rate, so that they work out a price which suits you.

Reduce Your Data Allowance

When was the last time you checked your mobile phone plan? Things like these are easy to miss when it comes to saving money on a budget, so be sure to revise your allowance as soon as you can to save that extra little bit of money! Also, consider what you require more; maybe you use more minutes than texts or vice versa, so purchase your new plan according to your needs.

Declutter & Sell

It’s easy to hold onto things that might not really be useful to you right now (or in the future!), gradually turning your home into a hoarder’s dream. This is particularly true towards the run up to the festive period, so try to declutter before the new year for a fresh start. For items you don’t really have a use for, you can simply donate to your local charity, but to make some extra cash, why not try to sell them on marketplace sites such as eBay or Vinted? It’s a total win-win situation!

Cut Out Takeaways

As we approach the colder months, it’s easy to sit back and order comfort food straight to your doorstep instead – this has become even more easy with the use of mobile apps. However, if you’re trying to save money on a budget, this habit needs to be reduced or cut out completely depending on your financial situation! Not only does fast food hurt your wallet, but it also hurts your health in the long term, as it is the leading cause of obesity which can lead to serious issues such as high blood pressure and heart disease.

Avoid Credit Cards & Loans

It may seem like a good idea, especially up to the run up to festivities, but taking out a credit card or loan can lead to more financial problems for you down the line, especially if you’re already struggling with debt! Instead try using a budget planner and set yourself a spending ban, so you can avoid overspending.

Cancel Unused Subscriptions

Another thing which is most often overlooked, but do you really need that Amazon Prime subscription? Or maybe that Hello Fresh membership is no use to you because you don’t have time to cook and often have readymade meals. The best way to go about this is to check the direct debits going out through your bank account and cancelling the ones you don’t need to prevent any unnecessary expenses and more money in your pocket for essentials!

There are so many ways to save money on a budget and you can also make it fun by having your friends join in on the challenge! Even eradicating one or two subscriptions or cutting down on takeaways can dramatically help your budget right away!

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