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Securing Your Home With Eufy’s Video Doorbell

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As a homeowner, the security of your premises is pretty obviously going to hold the number one spot on your list of priorities, especially if there are young children present in the household. With the constant advancement of technology, it’s now easier than ever to ensure your home is safe and sound at all times; from 24/7 CCTV monitoring to motion activated security lights, as well as plug timers, it’s so much more efficient to monitor and protect your home. Well, Eufy have taken it one step further and created a battery powered, video doorbell to add to the list of incredible security gadgets for your house.

The Eufy Video Doorbell is equipped with a built in 1080p video camera which can easily be viewed in real time through a secure mobile app. It also contains a smart human detection system, offering the opportunity to prevent false alerts, providing sharper video images against backlighting and the option to change to a 4:3 aspect ratio in order to gain a full body view of individuals at the doorstep. Furthermore, there’s the ability receive snapshot notifications instantly to your phone as well as to communicate to individuals through the doorbell, either in real time or via the pre-set responses. Moreover, the chime can be customised by adjusting the volume as well as the tone, giving complete control to suit personal requirements.

  • eufy video camera doorbell chime
  • eufy video doorbell chime

The sleek doorbell system can effortlessly be set up by even the least knowledgeable in the domain of technology; all it requires is the scanning of a few QR codes and some simple data entry. It is also straight forward to mount on any door frame, using the supplied parts, without any complicated wiring. The companion plug in chime needs to be inserted into a socket inside the house and stores the SD card (not included) which is clever for encryption purposes. There is also an option to purchase cloud based storage for a monthly fee, depending on personal preferences.

Since the doorbell is battery operated, it does require charging when it runs low on battery. However, a fully charged doorbell is claimed to last 120 days (that’s nearly 4 months!) which makes it a nifty little device. For £99.99, you just can’t go wrong for something which provides a peace of mind for life!

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