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3 Reasons to Stop Buying & Start Renting Toys For Your Kids

No doubt your little ones have got a lot of new toys to play with this January. Whether they’ll actually get played with is another matter! 

Parents spend an average of £135-150 per child on toys during the festive period. Yet within one month of the festivities being over, an estimated 23% of these are neglected. Within three months, that number goes up to 40%.

That’s why more parents are turning to renting rather than buying toys for their kids. The sharing economy offers us a more sustainable and affordable way to “shop”, and toys are no exception. 

At Whirli, we’ve created a toy swap subscription service that lets you borrow toys from our library of over 1000 must-haves. You can keep items for however long your kids enjoy them, then swap them for something else when they lose interest (as kids do!). We’ve got over 8000 families in the UK swapping instead of shopping, and we can’t wait for more people to join the revolution. 

Here are three reasons to stop buying and start renting toys now:

  1. Save money 

For every £10 spent with Whirli, the average customer plays with £40 worth of toys. Renting rather than owning means that you can play with toys that might be outside your budget, and you never waste money on things that your kids eventually lose interest in. 

“We’re currently on the Toy Box half-yearly plan which costs £81 and this allows us to play with toys worth up to £120 at any one time. This year, I plan to use our subscription to order all of Leon’s Christmas presents, meaning that Christmas is already paid for. I’ll also use Whirli for his birthday presents! I usually swap toys every month, so after 6 swaps, Leon would have played with £720 worth of toys!” says Whirli subscriber Grainne McNamee.

  1. Get rid of clutter

Toys have a habit of getting…well, everywhere! Storage solutions and rotation systems can help, but they still take time, money and effort. Reducing the amount of toys you own is the only way to get rid of clutter for good. However, when you rent, you can simply send them back when they’re outgrown or unloved, so you only need to make space for items that your kids are playing with on a daily basis.

  1. Better for the environment

If neglected toys aren’t piling up in your home, they’re piling up in the landfill. Given that so many of them are made of plastic, that has a huge impact on the planet. Not to mention the environmental impact of production in the first place. 

The more of us that share toys, the less that we have to produce, and the less that end up in landfills. That means we can work towards a safer, healthier and happier planet for our children to grow up in.

A new year is the perfect time to change our mindset and adopt new habits, and toy swapping subscription is guaranteed to be a resolution you’ll actually keep. Start swapping today by signing up to Whirli and get 20% off your first payment when you enter the code ESSIE20 at checkout.

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  1. Oh wow, I love the idea of being able to rent toys instead of buying them! It would keep the house so much cleaner. Is this service offered anywhere outside of the UK?

  2. […] to cut household costs. If you feel your child has outgrown them, you can simple donate them or easily recycle them, leading to minimal environmental damage, as the materials used to manufacture them are most likely […]

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