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Why You Should Take Part in Veganuary Ft. VonShef

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With the start of January 2022, many individuals have embarked on Veganuary; a 31 day challenge in which the diet only consists of vegan eats! There’s a variety of reasons as to why people decide to take part in this challenge – to improve their health, end the consumption of animals or just for fun! It is reported that 98% of participants would recommend taking part in Veganuary, so it is obvious that it has a positive impact on overall wellbeing, and the growing number of participants keeps dramatically rising year after year showing that it’s something we need to all look more into! So, why should you take part in Veganuary this month?

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To improve your overall health

It’s no secret that going on a plant based diet can lower the rate of diabetes, heart disease, risk of stroke as well as decrease high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Furthermore, it can also aid with weight loss, leading to a lower rate of obesity – 75% of Veganuary participants reported an average loss of 6lbs! Plus, with VonShef’s 5.5L Air Fryer, it’s never been easier to enjoy quick and healthier meals with the use of rapid air circulation technology and virtually no oil. The World Health Organisation has also stated that the consumption of red and processed meats is a major cause of cancer. So, what better excuse to take part?!

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To reduce environmental impact

Taking part in Veganuary can also lessen the impact on the environment according to recent research, which demonstrates that avoiding meat and dairy products is the single biggest way to reduce individual environmental impact on the planet. This includes the impact on land for keeping livestock, water use, greenhouse gases as well as mass extinction of wildlife, and of course the harsh treatment of animals during intensive farming procedures and in slaughterhouses.

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To save money

Did you know that the average household spends around £15.70 a week on meat and fish products in comparison to just £5.10 on vegetables! Vegan diets are known to be the most affordable and slash food costs by up to one third, making it a sustainable option for those on a low income in the long term. To go one step further, be sure to purchase a high-quality, non stick pan set such as this seven piece hard anodized pan set from VonShef – not only does it include strong tempered glass lids, but it also offers outstanding heat distribution, enhanced cooking performance and fantastic durability!

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Have you took part in Veganuary?

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