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Why You Need an Antivirus Software to Secure Your Family Computer

Are you worried about viruses, malware, spam, spyware and other cyber threats invading your family computer? Viruses can pose significant threats to your device. Once they attack your system, they can self-replicate and spread to various software, thus affecting your computer’s performance.

On the upside, all Windows 10 computers have built-in antivirus protection to secure your family computer. However, the Windows Defender on your computer won’t offer you total protection from phishing emails, scams and websites shared on social media feeds. So should you rely on the built-in antivirus or install more secure software? We’ll answer your question in a few minutes.

Does a Computer Need an Antivirus Software?

Antivirus software protects your computer from any unwanted program that affects your system’s performance. Just like your house needs a door to avoid burglars breaking into your home, your family computer needs an antivirus to secure it from any malicious viruses. Once viruses invade your computer, your personal information such as names, bank accounts and credit card numbers are no longer safe.

Using the Microsoft Defender Antivirus can protect your system against viruses and malware. But hundreds of malicious people lurking online want to take your money and essential details. They share fake apps and lure you into clicking the link so they can steal your crucial information. You can use additional antivirus software to detect, block and remove any viruses. The antivirus will guarantee security and privacy when using your computer.

Is It Possible to Hack Any Antivirus Software?

In many cases, criminals hack antivirus software and steal personal details such as logins and credit card details. It often happens when you install weak antivirus software that hackers find easy to attack. Often, hackers will take advantage of the flaws and weaknesses of any antivirus to hack it. Once they access the source code of your antivirus, they can identify its weaknesses and infiltrate your system using the same antivirus.

The thing is, hackers aren’t interested in anything in your antivirus. They want to use it as a means to infiltrate your home computer. Once they access your system, they can do some or all of the following:

  • Hijack your email addresses, usernames and passwords
  • Slow down your computer
  • Damage or delete your crucial files
  • Lead to computer crashes
  • Access your bank account and credit card details and steal your money
  • Make purchases
  • Obtain cash advances
  • Create new PINs (Personal Identification Numbers)
  • Abuse your Social Security number
  • Sell your crucial information to other criminal parties who will use it to commit more crimes

Can Someone Spy You Through your Computer’s Camera?

How would you feel if anyone was using your webcam to spy on you? If your home computer is not well secured, hackers may use the camera to take pictures and videos of everything you do. They will infiltrate your private life and those around you. They design malware and use it to hijack your webcam. If there’s any valuable data you don’t want to share with the public, hackers will use your webcam to see them. For example, they may access your stored files or use the built-in microphones to listen to your video chats. However, you can use strong antivirus software to detect malware intrusion and block it.

Which Antivirus Software is the Safest?

When looking for antivirus software, you need to choose one that protects your home computer from cyber threats. You don’t want to use software that doesn’t detect a virus or fails to block and remove viruses. Luckily, you can use a more reliable and convenient Free Antivirus with a free VPN service to keep your computer safe from malware. It’s a perfect way to protect your computer without paying any penny. All you need is to download it for free and install it to secure your computer from any malware.

Your family computer is better off with additional antivirus software. If you’re waiting until viruses attack your computer, you’ll lose more than you can imagine. Download your Free Antivirus today and ensure your computer is free from unwanted programs.

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