lighting ideas for your house party

This or That? Lighting Ideas For Your Next House Party

Lighting choices are a crucial aspect to consider when hosting a house party. If you invite your friends over for an indoor or outdoor event, only perfect lighting can spruce up the setting and lift the guests’ spirits. The lighting ideas below may turn your house party into the most memorable event.

Black Lights

Black lights are must-have items for any house party. They emit fluorescent lighting to clothes and other objects, and you can find several options from rave stores that match your party’s theme.

You can hang light bars on gazebo tops, off patio roofs, next to any unique décor you want to illuminate, and along the party’s perimeters. You can be creative to select black lights in various designs and place them wherever you want an extra glow.

Light Strings

Another lighting idea involves placing string lights as peripheral lighting. You can string them under countertops, cabinets, pictures, furniture, or easily noticeable places. Party stores usually have them in different lengths to fit.

You can always cut them to fit or use them on doors and window frames if they are too long. These are ideal accent lighting pieces that your house party needs, although they don’t offer primary lighting and don’t cover the entire room like other lights.

Portable Galaxy Lights

Nothing screams party-like galaxy lights filling up the room. If you have an indoor house party, you can experiment with beautiful galaxies and star-like lighting that bring the party atmosphere into the room.

They are usually portable, and you don’t even need wires and plugs; you can always connect a portable galaxy light to a USB port on your charging adapter or computer. It won’t be a tripping hazard, and it is portable to move around.

Decorate Guests

One of the most effective ways to light up your house party is decorating the guests. The crowd can also be part of the lighting; for instance, you can instruct them to wear bright-coloured clothing on the invitation.

Secondly, you can hand out glow sticks and any other glowing accessories to them as they enter or set up a glowing body painting area. Besides these, you can find other house party ideas to try out to make the event more fun. 

One Last Thing

If you don’t know what will work for your house party, you can always consult a party store to find the perfect options. Whether you go for black, string, or galaxy lights, they will convert your house into a glowing festival for all your guests to enjoy.

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