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A Guide to Wearing Leather Motorcycle Jackets: TV Role Models

Whilst many leading ladies have sported incredible leather jackets in movies and other media, there are also a number of incredible motorcycle jacket role models on TV. Here are some of my favorites and the style that they introduced to us via their leather apparel – which one is your preferred lady of leather and who you would most like to look like via their choice of incredible leather jacket styling?

Rosa Diaz

Who can forget the signature detective look of Rosa Diaz from Brooklyn Nine-Nine. With Black hair to match a black jacket and a stone-cold exterior, this was one tough cookie who wore her jacket like a hard shell.

Max Guevara

Max Guevara was all about deadly attraction with a cropped jacket that allowed us a peek of her attire underneath. This sensual look made her the main focus of anyone watching Dark angel and her love for true motorcycle-style jackets made her a fashion icon within the TV industry.

Veronica Mars

Proof that you do not have to be a certain age to wear leather, the young female detective would wear a glossy green jacket which was not just practical but made her image as a vibrant and strong female character. If you are accustomed to wearing bright colors, this jacket may be just what you need.

Clarke Griffin

If you want to be a leader, a strong woman, and an overall symbol of strength then you may want the post-apocalyptic style jacket that Clarke griffin often sported in The 100. Complete with straps, gothic elements, and a rough exterior, this jacket was designed to create a warrior who has the confidence to match.

Sarah Lance

In DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, this character wore a well-fitted white leather jacket. Opposing the normal black or brown look this elegant yet stylish choice was one that made her stand out from the crowd. The White Canary knew exactly how to carry off this full leather outfit.

Wynonna Earp

When a jacket has its own Twitter account, then you know that it was impactful. Wynonna Earp wore a deadly look that made her ready to kill in an amazing fashion choice that accentuated her fearless confidence. Often coupling the leather jacket with a simple bralette underneath, no matter the weather or conditions, she had the self-assurance to carry this off with ease. 

Whilst there are many other leading ladies who have become style icons through their voracious wear of leather jackets, these are the ones which make the list for me. What do you think?

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  1. I haven’t had a leather jacket in decades but it was always a look I liked; I may have to look to some inspiration from these ladies!

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