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Creating a Work-Life Balance as a Self Employed Mother

Being a self-employed mother can become a struggle when attempting to balance both your personal and professional life – especially if you’re single! Feeling overwhelmed and stressed is an understatement when it comes to the struggle of earning enough income to cover daily living costs as well as juggling childcare arrangements and other commitments that crop up unexpectedly. And don’t forget the underlying mum guilt when it comes to spending enough time with your little one(s); after all they grow up so fast! Hopefully, with these simple tips, you’ll feel more at ease and in control of your life:

Set a schedule

Keeping to a set schedule makes up the most important part of being able to balance your personal and professional life, as it ensures that you’re not overwhelming yourself with work and are able to spending quality time with your family. The best part of creating a schedule when you’re self employed is that you can make it as flexible or rigid as you like, so you don’t have to worry about missing a few business hours when your little one is feeling under the weather and needs time off school. Conversely, this can also ensure that you don’t over commit to personal affairs – maybe the lunch with your friends might not be a good idea after all, if you need to catch up on a few customer orders! A schedule allows rest for the health of both your physical and mental health, so it’s worth creating one from the beginning

Make the space

Creating a home office is a great way to separate your professional life from your personal one and create the right balance between the two, so be sure to invest in some high end office furniture and muffle acoustics (such as these elegant wooden panels) in order to beautifully decorate your space and enhance the sound quality within it. This also means that important business documents will be safely stored away, so that they are organised and cannot be misplaced (this is especially crucial if you have little ones who like to get their hands on anything and everything!) Moreover, a home office can help you switch off when it’s time to rest, which works wonders for your productivity. Consider a self storage space, such as Magenta self storage, with 24 hour CCTV monitoring and PIN access control systems alongside flexible terms and inclusive prices if your situation changes at any point in the future. You’ll also have access to super speedy WiFi and free parking – what’s not to love?

Be prepared to let things go

Sometimes things don’t always go according to plan, and its times like these that prioritising your daily tasks are important. It’s vital to understand that sometimes you need to focus on things that are more important than others and learn to be okay with letting other tasks move down on your to do list. Would you rather update your Instagram story with what you ate for breakfast or crack on with fulfilling customer orders to bring in some extra revenue? The choice is yours, so make it a wise one!

On a final note, looking after both your physical and mental health is a given, so you must always put yourself first when a difficult situation arises, so maybe hire some extra help for things like bookkeeping and book a break when things get too much!

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