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5 School Summer Holiday Bedroom Makeover Tips for Kids

With Summer here, the countdown to the impending school holidays is on! Whilst both you and your child/ren may be looking forward to spending some quality time together and excited for the days out you have planned, there may still be a sense of dread lingering at the back of your mind. Let’s be honest, once the clock starts ticking down and the preparations for going back to school begin, things start to feel a little bleak.

However, it’s not all doom and gloom! Why not give your kid’s room a makeover; in the process, not only will it lift your spirits, but it’ll also be a fantastic time to strengthen the bond between you and your child! The best thing is that many of these changes don’t have to break your bank – let’s get started:

Incorporate their interests

Does your child have an obsession with all things space? Or maybe they have a particular interest in the nature which surrounds them outdoors. You can easily incorporate these interests within their bedroom and make it an interesting space for them. Wall decals can instantly transform any room and are available to purchase from a range of places in a variety of themes, making them perfect to give your kid’s room a makeover. Shopping for some new, matching bed sets and window blinds is also a great way to go if you really want your child to immerse themselves into the new theme of their bedroom. If you want to go all out, why not hire a professional to create a stunning wall mural on a single wall?

Accessorise accordingly

From cushions to lighting and rugs to wall clocks, the possibilities to accessorise your kid’s room are endless! For a nature inspired bedroom, opt for a variety of indoor plants in various sizes; artificial greenery or succulents are low maintenance, however for something more striking, a peace lily would look fabulous. A lava lamp would make an excellent addition to any space inspired bedroom, whilst a circular jute rug and a whimsical bed canopy would work well in a boho style sleeping space. To introduce a vintage Parisian style into your kid’s bedroom, decorative accessories with gold accents would fit in effortlessly alongside whitewashed furniture and a patterned ceiling. Just remember to do your research before deciding on anything!

Arrange a gallery wall

Gallery walls are all the craze right now, and rightly so. Whether it’s prints or a selection of framed photos, be sure to complement the style of the bedroom so that you can create an impactful look. The prints or photos you pick will also need to have something in common with one another so that the grouping flows and a stylish, unified look is created in your kid’s bedroom. Be fearless with experimenting with your gallery wall layout; Pinterest has loads of image templates for inspiration! Also, decide whether odd or even numbers will work best – if your prints or frames come in an arrangement of sizes, an odd numbered layout will work better, whilst an even numbered layout will work well with regimented groups of the same size.

Create memorable displays

Maybe your child has a collection of trophies won in various tournaments or competitions. Or they probably collect certain items or store keepsakes. Why not create a display for them in their bedroom using these items? Not only will it act as an aid to further encourage them, but it’ll also be a sentimental reminder to look at. Consider using floating shelves on the wall, so that they are elevated in a dedicated but tidy area, where they cannot become a hazard or disruption for your child. If your child is quite young, why not opt to display a selection of their favourite books instead? Not only will it persuade them to pick up a book, but it’ll also jazz up their bedroom in the process!

Invest in quality furniture

As a parent, you’ll know how quickly furniture needs to be replaced in a kid’s bedroom. So, why not take this opportunity to invest in high quality pieces instead? Luckily, there are many brands that cater a range of affordable and durable children’s beds, so do shop around before you decide on a piece! Upholstered beds are in style right now, and they’re also hazard proof if your kid has a habit of knocking into things. Teens may prefer metal or wooden beds for aesthetic purposes. Therefore, a mid sleeper or one with storage space is ideal to give them room to store their items away safely. Also, don’t forget a mattress; I recommend a comfy memory foam for a good night’s sleep!

Giving your child’s bedroom a makeover during the summer holidays is the perfect time, because they’ll have a pleasant space to relax after a long day at school, come September.

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