Support Your Child's Learning At Home

4 Educational Resources You Need To Support Your Child’s Learning At Home

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There’s no doubt that every parent wants their child to flourish and succeed both interpersonally and academically, whether that be choosing a school which will aid their learning and development or encouraging them to take part in extra curricular activities to enhance their skills. As parents, we can strive to further support our child’s learning at home with hands on activities which are targeted to aid various areas of their learning. Here are four educational resources you can invest in today to help support your child’s learning at home:

Support Your Child's Learning At Home

Gears! Gears! Gears!® Mega Builds Construction Set

Have a budding engineer? Then, this 235 piece bumper construction set is perfect to develop your child’s fine motor skills, critical thinking, spatial reasoning and problem solving. There are so many ways to get creative using the pieces to build basic machines which twist, turn and move, keeping young engineers playing and learning for ages. This set is perfect to interest your child with the world of STEM and allow them to use their imagination to devise open ended builds or follow along with the included STEM activity guide.

Support Your Child's Learning At Home

Giant Magnetic Pattern Blocks Demonstration Set

What better way to aid your child’s recognition of shapes than practical learning through this 47 piece magnetic demonstration set? These proportionally sized pieces are three times the length of standard pattern blocks and include an assortment of colour coded shapes, such as hexagons, squares, triangles, trapeziums and more! This set is also useful to give them a further understanding on symmetry, pattern, congruency and area – all knowledge and skills required for confidence in the subject of mathematics.

Support Your Child's Learning At Home

Playfoam Pluffle™ Sensory Station

For lots of fun, tactile, sensory play, this award winning sensory station is a must have at home for your child. It includes 2 colours of feelgood, fluffy Playfoam Pluffle and 3 fine motor skills tools in a handy storage bin. Join your child in squishing, scooping, rolling and pouring the Playfoam Pluffle and watch them develop their fine motor skills (including scissor skills) in the process. There’s also the option to purchase more colours of Playfoam Pluffle, including a glow in the dark version to allow your child to unleash their creativity.

Support Your Child's Learning At Home

My Feelings Bean Bags

Suitable for all ages and particularly helpful for children with special needs, these tactile bean bags are ideal to help support your child with expressing their feelings and emotions through play. Each beanbag features a printed emotion image (including happy, sad, angry, surprised, loved, scared, peaceful, excited, sleepy and disappointed) in a colour and texture that corresponds uniquely to that emotion for super multi-sensory emotional learning experience. Once your child is finished playing with them, they can easily be stored away in the drawstring carry bag which comes with the set.

If you’re looking for further products to inspire your child’s love for learning, Learning Resources has over 1,000 fun, educational toys and games that are created in collaboration with learning and play experts and support learning through play.

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