Seaside Fun with Tot's Playtime Box

Seaside Fun with Tot’s Playtime Box

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School’s out and summer is officially in! With the kids at home, it‘s a fantastic opportunity to spend some quality family time together and bond with one another. Whilst it’s easier to find interesting activities for older children, it’s a whole different story for tots. Not only do they need constant stimulation, but they also require plenty of interactive play to keep them amused and happy. This can prove to be particularly difficult if you’re juggling a job alongside other commitments, but don’t fret, Tot’s Playtime Box is here to help!

Say hello to Tot’s Playtime Box

With a background in Early Years and years of experience working as a private house nanny, Karen founded Tot’s Playtime Box during the pandemic in a bid to help busy working parents with easy, ready to go activities, for those precious days at home, to enjoy fun filled play and quality time together. Parenting is tough and can often feel lonely, however with this activity box, the guilt around enjoying play with your little one is quickly diminished. New themed boxes are created every month, with four individually packed activities, so your little one can enjoy them straight out of the box to boost their learning. Here’s what you can expect in your monthly activity box:

  • Enjoy a combination of low prep, messy sensory play
  • Take part in a skill boosting game for language development
  • Get stuck into a ready prepared arts and craft kit to support creativity
  • Read through the exclusive activity magazine to discover and do
Seaside Fun with Tot's Playtime Box

Let’s take a look at Tot’s Playtime Box in July

The Tot’s Playtime Box in July is based around the theme of Seaside Fun and incorporates various summertime activities for sensory exploration, imaginative play and buckets of fun! Your tot can choose to craft their very own crab peg puppet, or play with the homemade sand dough and shells. Why not join in on the fun and have a round of beach bingo, or read through the exclusive activity magazine together? Don’t forget to use the colourful felt tips and custom sticker sheets included in the box! There’s so much to play and learn with in this month’s activity box, and it’s guaranteed to keep your little one occupied for hours!

Seaside Fun with Tot's Playtime Box

How can I purchase a Tot’s Playtime Box?

It’s simple to purchase a one off Tot’s Playtime Box for your little one – simply visit Tot’s Playtime Box, add your chosen theme to your basket and pay. If you feel like you’re constantly short on time, then opt for a subscription for only £16.90 a month (and free P&P), so you won’t have to worry about having something fun to do with your tot the next time you’re spending some time together.

My personal experience

Personally, I’ve considered (and purchased) many toddler subscription boxes in the past. However, as my daughter is developmentally delayed and has suspected autism & ADHD, you can probably imagine how difficult it is for her to stay settled with one activity for more than five minutes. Nevertheless, with the Tot’s Playtime Box, she instantly took a liking to the sand dough and shells sensory play as well as the crab peg puppet craft activity. This was a huge win because she stayed engaged for almost an hour! She also enjoyed looking at and naming the pictures on the bingo cards. However, we’re still getting around to going through the magazine, which is understandable given her ability. Compared to other similar subscription boxes on the market, not only does the Tot’s Playtime Box provide a variety of activities to take part in, but it’s also more affordable (especially if you opt for a subscription!)

Seaside Fun with Tot's Playtime Box

If you’re stuck on play ideas for your tot during the summer holidays, be sure to take a look at the Tot’s Playtime Box, because there’s always something new and exciting for your little one to explore.

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  1. Wow, this looks fab! My son has Down syndrome and I think he would love this!

  2. Looks like a great resource.

  3. This playbox is absolutely adorable. This type of resource helps little ones learn and have fun at the same time. Thank you for sharing!

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