Hoover H-Power 300

Introducing the Hoover H-Power 300 for High Performance Cleaning

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Summer brings the arrival of sweltering temperatures as well as an obvious increase in dust and pollen; throw some messy kids into the mix and you’ve got the perfect breeding ground for dirt, allergens and dust mites! The air quality is also greatly impacted during the warmer weather as more dust is loosened into the air and desert dust from African regions travels throughout European regions, contributing to pollution.

Hoover H-Power 300

However, don’t despair, there are many ways to overcome this situation. Closing doors and windows, as well as installing air purifiers is particularly useful to prevent a build up of dust mites and allergens within your home during Summer, whilst working with your children to help them build good habits in regards to organisation and structure can also do wonders for both the mental and physical wellbeing of you and your child. But, most importantly, investing in a high performance cleaning machine, such as the Hoover H-Power 300, to make your cleaning routine more efficient is one of the best ways to keep clutter at bay and on top of the cleanliness in your home.

Tell me more about the Hoover H-Power 300

The Hoover H-Power 300 not only boasts multi cyclonic technology to prevent the filters from clogging, but the dust chamber and mini turbo brush is treated with silver ion to prevent bacterial growth. Furthermore, it’s specifically designed for allergy sufferers and pet lovers so the built in HEPA filter is useful to trap allergens and purify the air in your home, as well as lift away stubborn pet hair. The bagless design is also extremely budget friendly if you’re looking to cut costs and lead a more eco friendly lifestyle.

Hoover H-Power 300

But, how far will it reach in my home?

The good news is that the Hoover H-Power 300 has been manufactured specifically for long reach, which means that its equipped with a 6.5m cord alongside a 1.5m stretch hose. This means you can continue cleaning your home without having to stop and unplug the vacuum cleaner and its ideal for above floor cleaning! Furthermore, the box also includes an extra long 2.5m stretch hose which can cover up to 13 stairs without having to move the vacuum cleaner from the bottom step – extremely handy with little ones, right?

Is it easy to empty?

The Hoover H-Power 300 is compact and lightweight making it effortless to carry. The vacuum cleaner also has a useful tool storage on board and a 2L easy to empty bin with one click emptying for convenience.

Hoover H-Power 300

I’m ready to buy mine!

A powerful cleaning machine can be the difference between being stuck at home and trying to vacuum your surroundings, and the freedom of not having to worry about whether the rooms need another tidy. Keeping on top of the cleaning in your home may seem like an impossible task, especially if you have young kids and teens. However, with the Hoover H-Power 300, maintaining your home will be an absolute breeze! Buy yours today for an introductory price of just £139 with one year free warranty!

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