Why a Teddy Bear Makes a Great Companion for Your Child

Why a Teddy Bear Makes a Great Companion for Your Child

Since the Teddy Bear made his debut at a German toy fair in 1903, he has found his way in to the hearts and homes of many families around the world.

A cuddly teddy is often the first gift we think of buying for a new arrival and often, as the child grows, the teddy becomes their best friend. They become a very important part of a child’s life, not  just a cute and cuddly toy.

Have you ever wondered what it is that makes this stuffed toy such a great companion for your child?

It gives the best hugs

Often, the first thing a child will do when given a teddy is hug it. Somehow it feels to the child that the bear is actually reciprocating the hug. The feeling of softness and warmth provided by the cuddly soft toy is very real.  Scientific studies have shown that hugging a teddy releases oxytocin which promotes relaxation. So, when your little one can’t go to sleep without their favourite soft toy, you know why!

It’s always there

The good thing about a teddy is that it’s always there. Just sat or laid down where ever it was left, waiting to be picked up when needed.  Friends come and go, parents are always busy when you need them, but good old reliable Ted is ready and waiting to provide that companionship.

It never gets cross

Children can vent all their frustrations and anger to a teddy and it will never get cross.  In fact, it will often help to calm a child if they are having a tantrum. Hugging the teddy lowers cortisol levels which in turn reduces the stress levels in the child. The smiling face of the bear never changes and can also help to turn a screaming toddler around.

It loves going places

A teddy bear is happy to travel anywhere. Often, it is carried around on long journeys all over the world. Stuffed in to a suitcase, attached on to a rucksack, tied on to a pram or tightly held by little fingers; whichever way it has to travel, a teddy bear really doesn’t mind. It will often be carted on shopping trips and days out, never complaining or asking ‘are we there yet?’

Many parents will have experienced the heart break that is felt when a teddy is lost. However, these days social media can be great for helping to reunite the toy with their owner.

It offers security and stability

Hugging a teddy bear can help a child to feel safe and secure. It can help in situations such as a visit to the hospital or the dentist, when the child might feel stressed and worried. It can offer comfort at times of distress. Without saying anything, it’s presence can instantly help to calm an unhappy child.

The presence of a familiar cuddly friend can be invaluable at times when a child needs emotional support, such as the first day at school or when staying away from home, so it is great that teddy bears are happy to tag along.

It makes a great listener

Children always need someone to listen to them and who better for the job than a child’s best cuddly friend? Happy to sit for as long as required and listen intently to every word spoken. Never judging, criticising or saying ‘Not now … I’m busy’, a teddy bear is a really great listener, and not just for children.

With so many assets, it is little wonder that the beloved teddy makes such a great companion for your child. If you are looking for a gift for a new arrival then a personalised teddy could perhaps end up being a friend and confidant for life. Bears4u have an amazing variety of cuddly friends that could be the bear for the job!

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  1. The comforting and loyal nature of teddy bears is truly remarkable. Do you have any heartwarming stories about how a teddy bear has been a source of comfort for a child in your life?

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