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How to Create a Modern Interior for Your Home

With Summer here, the longer days and pleasant weather make it the ideal time of year to undertake a few home improvement tasks in order to give your property some much needed TLC and ensure it is ready in time for winter. Updating the interior design style of your home may be on top of your list because, let’s be honest, it can become quite uninspiring and lacklustre looking at the same four walls of your home, day in day out! If you’ve got curious little ones or careless teens at home, then a modern aesthetic may be the perfect choice for you. Read on to find how you can easily replicate this interior design style in your home:

Go Minimal

If you’re a minimalist at heart, then the modern interior design style will fit in effortlessly with the aspirations you have for your home. Minimalism and simplicity for uncluttered spaces and open rooms is the basis of this aesthetic, so consider functional furniture which is basic, bare and structural, such as those with exposed legs and geometric shapes. Also, keep accessories and ornaments to a minimum in order to create a distinct and clear aesthetic – remember less is more!

Embrace Neutrals

Ditch mixed patterned wallpaper or multicoloured paint, because not only does this ruin the simplicity of the modern interior design style, but it also causes a feeling of overwhelm. Neutral wall colours, such as white or magnolia, are the shades to opt for in order to open up the space in your home as well as give it an airy feel. If you’re partial to a splash of colour, why not select a hue of grey – it’s taken the world of interiors by storm and has risen in popularity amongst homeowners!

Decorate Boldly

To inject some personality into your home whilst keeping with the modern theme, selecting a few pieces of abstract art to display on the walls is a fabulous way to express yourself. Why not consider creating a gallery wall as a focal point within your home to add a bit of character? You can also add accent rugs and colourful cushions to contrast with the rest of the still settings!

Flaunt structure

If your home boasts uncovered beams or concrete walls, contemplate on leaving them exposed, as the modern interior design style is big on function over form. Therefore, utilising industrial elements and natural states make it easier to draw the eye to these structural details. For a truly clear cut aesthetic, consider investing in epoxy resin flooring for the most lived in spaces within your home!

Be Open

To promote the modern interior design style throughout your home, having an open plan space is great to let the natural light in and allow it to roam freely for a fresh and clean ambience. Large windows with little to no dressings are essential to this, so think about getting bigger windowpanes if you haven’t already. However, be sure to work with reliable manufacturers so your windows are of a high quality.

Implementing the modern interior design style in your home is quite effortless. It’s also budget friendly, due to how little you actually need to spend to bring it to fruition, and not to mention, a fantastic option for families with youngsters.

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