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Can Chewing Gum Make You Look Younger?

Since the beginning of time, there has been an ongoing quest amongst the human species to age gracefully using natural approaches. From Queen Cleopatra’s skin rejuvenating milk baths to Rani Padmini of Chittorgarh’s olive oil and honey face masks as well as Empress Wu’s skin brightening packs consisting of a mixture of mung beans, green tea and motherwort – the vast exploration into finding an anti aging remedy has been endless with newer treatments being introduced on a regular basis, thanks to further inquisitive research and the ongoing development of technology!

The increasing popularity of face yoga

It has been recently reported that Face Yoga has been ranked as the #1 beauty trend amongst women in order to combat the effects of ageing on the face and further research has found that facial exercises do in fact improve the appearance of the face by strengthening the muscles of the cheeks and face.

Face yoga uses a variety of acupressure and relaxation techniques in order to massage and work out the structural composition of the face, neck and shoulders. Personalised routines can be created to target specific areas of concern, such as frown lines or crow’s feet and consistent practice can lead to long term changes.

What makes face yoga so good?

Touted as a natural facelift, face yoga also has numerous other benefits, which include boosting circulation for a glowing complexion, improving lymphatic drainage and releasing tension. This can further aid in preventing headaches, releasing sinuses and enhancing the quality of sleep.

Moreover, compared to other expensive anti ageing treatments available today, such as fillers and lasers, face yoga is not only affordable, but it is also non toxic, non invasive and safe for everyone. Furthermore, it’s pretty much accessible to everyone; from in person classes as well as paid online programmes and a plethora of free Youtube videos aswell! However, one must stay consistent with their facial exercise regime in order to see results as it is not a quick fix, but rather a life long commitment.

How does chewing gum fit into all this?

Interestingly, many of the benefits of face yoga lie in the fact that it simulates chewing! According to James Nestor, the award winning science journalist and best selling author Breath (2020), the correct method of chewing helps support effective breathing, which subsequently helps the body to acquire more oxygen and lowers the heart rate. Furthermore, chewing makes the mouth salivate keeping it moist and comfortable as well as fighting bacteria, preventing bad breath, protecting tooth enamel as well as interrupting tooth decay and gum disease.

To further support the better functioning of the respiratory system, James Nestor recommends oropharyngeal exercises which closely mimic the action of chewing gum. Research suggests that an eight week regime involving chewing gum exercises leads to the improvement of oral functions and swallowing performance as it strengthens the muscles in your tongue and cheeks (yes, the same as face yoga). Furthermore, chewing gum has been found to stress reduction making it an excellent activity for both physical and mental wellbeing.

So, next time you’re pondering over ways to maintain your youthful looks or counteract the effects of ageing on your face, then consider face yoga and be sure to have a pack of sugar free chewing gum on hand to make your regime even more effective – learn more about the benefits of SFG here!


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