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Teaching Your Child About Personal Hygiene

Personal hygiene is an area your child will need to become aware of from a young age. There’s a lot of ways to incorporate hygiene into a child’s regular routine and use a variety of methods to keep them clean and healthy in the home and into daily life away from the home. Here are some ways to continue teaching your child about personal hygiene.

Start very young

We have mentioned already that children should become aware of their personal hygiene from a young age. This will help your child learn as soon as they are able to develop their fine motor skills and to get them used to using their hands on a regular basis. Use their free time to teach them about the importance of bathing regularly, washing your hands after using the toilet, and brushing their teeth. Once your child is a little older they should then be able to pick up these habits on a regular basis and you will be able to leave them to their own devices.

Check in with your child often

When you are walking by the bathroom, ask your child if they washed their hands properly (at times you might have to ask them to prove it). If your child is getting ready to help you out with the cooking they should also be washing their hands before and after helping you to keep germs at bay as well – another opportunity to check in with your child.

There are other areas to consider as well – such as keeping your child’s hair groomed and fresh, knowing to put their clothes in the washing machine ready for a clean and keeping their room tidy. It might incite a lot of sighs and groans from your child, but the constant reminders will help them remember in the long run.

Promote personal hygiene as a part of their health

Of course maintaining a good level of hygiene is really important for all of us in terms of good health. Germs are less likely to grow on our hands with thorough washing, bodies and clothes are kept cleaner with better lifestyle habits, and less mess found in their bedrooms and other areas of the home.

But there is also the fact that keeping up with personal hygiene is very beneficial for your child’s understanding of self-care and wellness. Keeping yourself clean, looking after your belongings and ensuring they are clean and cared for will help your child know how to improve their mental health as much as their physical health.

Establish that this should be a daily routine

Your child will be following a daily routine at home if they attend school, and if you are looking for childcare in Richmond, as an example, they will expect your child to maintain these routines as well. Every morning before they head to school they will probably have to put their uniform on, eat some breakfast and put their shoes on before heading out. This is now the perfect opportunity to get your child into the routine of brushing their teeth, sorting their hair out, and having a wash, making sure they look nice before heading out the front door. 

Similarly they will have to replicate these actions before they head to bed but in reverse: having their uniform out ready for the next day, brushing their teeth before bed and getting into their pyjamas.

Remember to keep in mind that a good routine and keeping up on personal hygiene will be a very important part of your child’s upbringing. They will have to keep on top of this on a regular basis, and it will help your child know not only how to keep themselves healthy, but teaches your child about responsibilities and good practices. Introducing these hygiene practices early on can help instil that they should be keeping themselves clean and happy day in and day out.

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