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Helping Your Toddler Overcome Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety is very common in toddlers and they will learn to be able to overcome it over a long period of time. However, at a young age, it can cause you a lot of stress, worry and can cause issues between schools and families. Having a grasp of it early on can help both you and child develop a good relationship as well as helping your child learn to recognise these feelings and learn to become a better person as a result.

Here are some tips to help them overcome this level of anxiety that this nursery in the city recommends.

Give them a comfort toy

Bringing your child up to feel comfortable is every parents’ aim, but there will be times where your child has to take a step back and get away from that level of comfort. It’s a natural part of a child’s development.

So when they head to a nursery school, give them a toy that they have a lot of comfort in playing or sleeping with. This can put them at ease at certain times of the day, and will more than likely have your scent on the toy, bringing them even more comfort. Many nursery school teachers will recommend this as an option for parents.

Plan something to do with your child after nursery pick up

When you pick them up children can look and feel flustered when they see you, or you have already been told they have had a bad day by their teachers. Talk to them when you drop them off and say you are going to do something together when you pick them up later, it will get them excited about what you have in store for them.

As your child gets a bit more used to handling themselves on their own you can turn these little trips into small rewards. A trip to get some ice cream together if your child has had a stress-free day at nursery can be a great way of celebrating that success.

Talk to your child’s nursery teachers

One group of people that will be used to the feeling of separation anxiety will be your child’s teachers. They will be able to give you specific advice on how to comfort your child as best as you can without stressing them further, and updates on how your child is coping. It can become a problem over time if your child is unable to cope with the changes in nursery, so combating it early can make life easier for everyone involved.

Avoid being harsh to your child

With a life like your child’s they will become unsure and confused of such a new environment. It’s where your child will have the chance to discover who they are as a person and what can impact their growth. This is why it is very important to nurture their specific needs. They are only human, and as they get older they will understand that they can handle things on their own, so avoid being harsh when these things happen. Teary children will be a very normal reaction, but you can work with this as they get better acquainted with their friends and teachers at nursery.

So, separation anxiety can be an area your child will have to manage for a few years, but the important thing to remember is that your child can and will overcome this hurdle in their development. 

So long as you are patient and supportive, you can help your child learn to be comfortable in these new environments and embrace learning with open arms. And should you ever be unsure of what to do, have a chat with your child’s teachers, and even friends you have made at the nursery. Your child won’t be the only one going through issues like these, so don’t feel disheartened as a parent.

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