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Things to Pack in Your Child’s Nursery School Bag

Your child’s nursery bag will probably be chock full of bits and bobs, but it’s worth having these essentials as well to ensure your child has a great day every day. Being prepared before they head off to nursery can save you a lot of stress, time, and phone calls with nursery teachers in case something does go wrong. Here are some things you should pack in your child’s bags.

A comfort item

This can usually be a small blanket or toy to keep your child preoccupied if they are feeling overwhelmed and unsure of their surroundings. That will allow your child to feel a lot more at ease when they are on their own and getting used to a nursery school or something like one of these preschool programs in Alexandria, VA for the first time.

Spare clothing

Children can very quickly get messy and dirty, so having a spare change of clothes for your child can help teachers get them changed easily. There is also the chance of rain or sunshine coming through at random times, so loose-fitted clothing or a coat to hand in their bag will prepare them for any scenario.


Depending on your child they may have particular snacks only they want to eat, with the ones on offer at the nursery not being suitable for many different reasons. Have a small box for them to access at any time, or to make teachers aware, that they can use at any point.

Creams, wipes and nappies

Any of these will not go amiss. They will keep the swift process of your child’s day going smoothly and it’s also to keep your child feeling comfortable and safe during their time away from you. Should anything arise, staff will be on hand to support your child should an accident occur.


Whether your child has particular medication needs, or it’s just a small bag of painkillers, it can help if they are in your child’s bag for easy access. When your child starts nursery you will need to inform them of any allergies or particular medical needs they do have so that they are kept safe at all times.

As always, having a chat with your child’s nursery school before their first day can help you pack the right things in their bag. This Nursery in Fulham recommends always talking to staff about what you can appropriately pack and include in your child’s bag, which will make everyone’s lives easier.

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