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7 Ways to Make Maths Fun for Your Child

Mathematics is a subject that many children find intimidating and boring. However, with the right approach, it can be made fun and exciting for them. By incorporating interactive activities and games, parents and educators can help children develop a love for maths and improve their skills in the subject. Here are some effective strategies to make maths fun for children.

Real-life Maths

Children are more likely to enjoy maths when they can relate it to real-life situations. Show them how maths plays a role in everyday activities. For example, involve them in cooking by having them measure ingredients or divide pizzas into equal slices. This practical approach will make maths seem less abstract and more tangible.

Maths Games and Challenges

Games and challenges can turn maths into an enjoyable experience for children. Incorporate mathematical puzzles, board games, and apps into their learning routine. Apps like Mathletics and Sudoku can help children develop problem-solving and critical-thinking skills while having fun. Organise small competitions or challenges, allowing children to work in teams and earn rewards for their efforts.

Manipulatives and Visual Aids

Using manipulatives and visual aids can make maths more interesting and interactive. Use counters, blocks, or even simple household items like buttons or candies to help children visualise and understand mathematical concepts. By manipulating these objects, children can engage in hands-on learning that is both fun and effective.


Integrate mathematics into storytelling to make it more engaging for children. Create stories that involve mathematical scenarios and characters. Encourage children to solve maths problems within the context of these stories. This approach helps children see maths as an integral part of storytelling and encourages their imagination while learning important maths concepts.

Online Resources

The internet is a treasure trove of maths resources that can make learning fun and exciting. Websites like Khan Academy and Money Games from Mortgage Calculator offer interactive lessons, videos, and games that cater to different age groups and skill levels. Cashier Simulator is a firm favourite as it allows players to operate a cash register at a grocery store, complete with scanning items, adding the totals and collecting payments. These resources can be utilised to supplement traditional teaching methods and make math more enjoyable for children.

Maths in Nature

Take children outdoors to explore the beauty of math in nature. Encourage them to notice mathematical patterns in the leaves, flowers, or even the arrangement of branches on trees. Point out geometric shapes in buildings or objects around them. By making children aware of the presence of math in the natural world, they will develop an appreciation for the subject and its applications.

Maths Through Art

Integrate art and math to create a more creative and enjoyable learning experience. Let children design and draw geometric shapes or recreate famous artworks using math concepts like symmetry and patterns. These art-based activities engage their artistic senses while also enhancing their mathematical skills.

In Conclusion

Maths can be made fun and enjoyable for children through various strategies. By incorporating practical applications, games, manipulatives, storytelling, online resources, and art, parents and educators can help children view maths as an exciting subject. Children who develop a love for maths early on are more likely to excel in the subject and achieve higher academic success in the long run.

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