Festive Guide to Gifting

A Festive Guide to Gifting

It’s that time of year again and whilst consumerism is increasingly on the rise and materialism is frequently being pushed by huge corporations through the saturation of media, I feel that, as the founder of Sincerely Essie, I have a responsibility to educate and inform my audience about supporting smaller businesses and shopping for an ethical gift this festive season.

Here at Sincerely Essie, we have a commitment to championing women entrepreneurs and ensuring that this little community can come together for the good of our planet. So, this year, we’ve worked closely with a few female run businesses again to create this ethical gift guide; products sold not only help to establish the business further, but they also support special initiatives, use sustainable ingredients or back ethical practices making a huge difference with just one purchase!

For Him

From the brainchild of Masato Jones, Beanies Masato is a female run CSR to promote homeless outreach by donating a beanie for every one sold. Combining both style and functionality, the Aston beanie is crafted with premium quality materials to provide warmth and comfort, making it the perfect addition for any winter wardrobe. By gifting a beanie, you not only bag a fashionable accessory, but also contribute to the promotion of responsible fashion choices.

For Her

Cycle of Good retails this Recycled Coffee Sack & Inner Tube Shopper Bag which is crafted from repurposed materials, reducing waste and promoting sustainability. The bag supports Fairtrade practices as it is handcrafted by artisans in developing countries, empowering them economically. Its unique design showcases creativity and environmental consciousness, making it an ideal gifting choice this festive season.

For Kids

Delve into the realm of literature with the Voxblock! This innovative device was founded by a mother who realised the need for a simple, screen free audio player to bring stories to life. Designed with durability in mind, the Voxblock offers a comprehensive library of entertaining content, enabling children to explore the world of fiction without the use of physical books. It’s both an engaging and sustainable gifting option for a greener future.

For the Pooch

The Crafter’s Market is a female founded platform which support small crafters such as Tug and Snuffle. The Snuffle Rollee Ball is handmade from premium anti-pil polar fleece double knotted onto a durable hollow cage ball, reducing the need for frequent replacements and making it a long lasting toy for your pooch. The mental stimulation it provides promotes a healthy and active lifestyle for your furry friend, which guarantees it to be perfect for gifting this festive season.

For the Feline

For a handmade wooden gift, Wooden You Love will have you spoilt for choice! Babita, the creator behind the business, hand makes each and every piece, such as this Personalised Pet Bauble. Not only is this unique item an eco-friendly alternative, promoting responsible consumption, but it also reduces the need for plastic alternatives. Show your support for sustainable practices and care for the environment by gifting this product to your feline this festive season.

To conclude this gift guide, I hope you consider buying from one of the aforementioned businesses this festive season, because not only will you be supporting a small business but you will also be helping the environment, advocating ethical practices and aiding various initiatives with your purchase.

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