Essie, the person behind this project, has a passion for writing and has penned articles for various digital publications since 2013. After the birth of her beautiful baby daughter and equipped with over 5 years of experience in digital marketing as well as a background in public relations, she decided that she wanted to create a place for all women to come together and network, and so this online magazine was born.

But, that’s not all. Essie describes herself as a tech nerd, creative soul and stationery addict with a compassionate nature due to being a former nurse. By day, Essie helps organisations and individuals harness the power of the internet and engage with their audience online. So, whether you want help with content creation or social media marketing, then look no further.

Content is the key to engage with your audience, strengthen your brand identity and increase your online presence. Therefore, its essential to create an excellent content marketing strategy. Furthermore, social media is crucial in creating a voice for your brand, bringing an awareness to your products or services and boosting your social signals to encourage sales. Essie can help with:

  • Coaching you to gain tailored advice on your online situation including an audit which analyses your website and content, as well as reviews your current social media activities, competitors and goals with on-going help and support
  • Producing bespoke strategies and content for different channels in order to attract attention and engage your audience
  • Editing and proof-reading content for accuracy, spelling and grammar

If you’re still not convinced, have a read of the testimonials from Essie’s previous & present clients. Want to know more or need something else handling? Get in touch today!