Surviving The Early Toddler Stage

Surviving The Early Toddler Stage

Babies grow SO fast! It’s ridiculous isn’t it? One day you are bringing your tiny newborn and it’s as if you blink, and you are celebrating their first birthday – where did the time go? Suddenly, you’re exiting Baby City and heading into Toddlerville, and everything is about to change! 

Your toddler will start exploring their independence and you will notice them learning and discovering new things daily! In this early stage they may begin to walk and talk, but every child is different and goes at their own pace, so don’t worry if your toddler is hitting milestones before/after their peers! 

This is also the stage where, while exploring and learning, that they’ll start getting into EVERYTHING (and I mean everything). With my son G, all cupboards and drawers, outlets, bags and boxes started getting climbed into and all the stuff ripped out of them, and once he was confident in his walking – the climbing began! The comfort you began to feel with your crawler/early walker soon gets replaced with having to constantly be on your toes to keep your fearless toddler safe.

If this sounds familiar to you mama, just breathe. All toddlers go through this and it is just part of growing up (which is another sad point all in itself!). When you’ve baby proofed as much as you can and are cleaning books, toys and puzzles off the floor several times a day as toddlers aren’t known for their cleaning abilities, just remember – this won’t last forever. When you turn your back for a second and like a ninja have climbed up onto your dining room table, don’t forget that toddlers are known for bumps and bruises. I assure you, while it seems as if your toddler may be pushing the limits to what potentially could gravely injure themselves, they are stronger than we’ve given them credit. They are basically made of rubber at this stage, but it certainly does not stop us from worrying.

You are your toddler’s safe space mama, and you give them the confidence to explore their world and try new things, in turn they continue to gain new skills and grow as a person – thanks to you mama!

Not to leave out the Dads, your play and protection of your toddler are equally important. Parents and other supportive members of the family (however that looks for your family) can be easily torn down by the stubbornness and determination of a toddler discovering new things everyday, just remember – you’re all in this together!

Toddlers are a lot of work, I can only imagine how frustrating it can be to be to watch your parents, older siblings, cousins and friends be able to do things that you haven’t quite figured out yet, and not have the words to express your frustrations! You are doing a great job Mums and Dads, and one day your toddler will be a big kid and you will miss chasing after them all day to make sure they aren’t hurting themselves – so enjoy the Toddler Stages!

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  2. Thank you for sharing! I love how you point out the special roles that moms and dads each play in raising toddlers. It does go by so fast, I have enjoyed watching both of mine go through the toddler stages.

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