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5 Reasons Why Physical Therapy Is Important For Women

Physical therapy is a need of just about any individual these days, especially women who may suffer from unique health issues such as pelvic dysfunction. Whether you are an athlete seeking to maximize performance or someone with an old injury or illness, it is important to take a few hours to help your bodies heal. Therefore, it is important to find a centre which specialises in high quality physical therapy, such as the C.O.R institute which was founded by Dr. John Mullen, a renowned physical therapist. He has worked with elite colleges, helping professional athletes return from injury and enhance their performance, making it one of the best Santa Clara PT (physical therapy) centres.

Below are some of the reasons why you should give your nearest physical therapy centre a visit or request a referral from your medical practitioner if you want the best care.

1.  Reduce or eliminate pain

Women are reported to be at a higher risk for musculoskeletal disorders, therefore it is essential to undergo physical therapy if you feel you are experiencing any aches or pains more frequently than usual as physical therapists can provide therapeutic exercises and treatments to overcome this. For the best possible care, you need to ensure that the physical therapy centre you visit has a set of core values to ensure high quality practice by members of staff. The C.O.R institute was founded based on three major traits – Character, Optimism, and Resilience. These can be seen reflected in both the staff and the clientele of the institute. These values are introduced into each client that walks through the doors of the institute making it one of the leading centres of physical therapy.

2. Recover from or prevent a sports injury

If you are quite active and undertake regular sports activities, then physical therapy can help you to understand how certain sports can cause specific types of injuries as well as enable you to undertake an appropriate recovery and prevention exercise program for rapid recovery. When looking for a suitable physical therapy centre, consider previous testimonials from other athletes. The C.O.R institute have a long list of clientele including a hoard of high-level athletes. These high-performing individuals have worked together with C.O.R to reach new levels of performance, garnering a vast number of accomplishments such as state and international titles as well as Olympic medals.

3. Manage chronic conditions or diseases

If you have been diagnosed with a long term ailment such as diabetes or COPD, physical therapists can work alongside the other medical professionals involved in your care to tailor a personalized plan to help you manage your health better, such as exercise programs. The C.O.R institute employs a mixture of medical professionals, licensed physical therapists, and professional trainers, so they’re available all in one place. Furthermore, aside from professional qualifications, The C.O.R institute requires its staff members to possess interpersonal and communicational skills to amplify the value they bring to their clients.

4. Improve mobility

No matter your age, if you have difficulty standing, walking or moving, physical therapy can aid to give you a better quality of life. The C.O.R institute’s motto is “if you have a body you are an athlete” and they believe that everyone should have access to and should seek physical therapy as the benefits are numerous.

5. Gain specialised care

Whether you simply want to alleviate pain associated with musculoskeletal disorders or need help recovering from a more severe condition, such as stroke or breast cancer, physical therapy can greatly reduce your dependence on others by personalising your care and collaborating with other professionals in order to meet your specific needs.

On a final note, whilst it was originally common for only athletes to utilize physical therapy, it has become increasingly popular for individuals from all walks of life to undergo today. For example, the C.O.R institute was built upon providing care for elite athletes, and now with that knowledge and expertise, they have set out to provide the same level of care for every individual, demonstrating that anyone can undergo physical therapy.

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