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This or That: Popular Ways To Display Your Favourite Art at Home

Art is all around us, making it a subtle but significant part of our lives; from the prints found on clothing, to the architectural designs of buildings, the commercial advertisements plastered on billboards as well as the literature we read, the movies we watch and the music we listen to – the list is truly endless! In fact, the world we live in is an intricate piece of art and demonstrates how the way it is displayed makes a considerable impact on us, the viewers. Therefore, it’s crucial to consider the range of display options available before taking the plunge in hanging your favourite pieces of art in your home.

Lean it like you mean it

The art in your home doesn’t necessarily have to be hung up. It can often look better leaning against a wall or mantel. Try layering several pieces of various sizes if you’re opting for a maximalist interior. This way of displaying art is rental friendly too and particularly great if you want to avoid damage to interior walls!

Let’s get a shelfie

Display your favourite art on a shelf or two – it’s a fun way to put up framed pieces without the commitment of permanently positioning them! Incorporate a mix of art prints to create an interesting arrangement and add major appeal to your walls – you’ll find this relaxed composition is best suited for your bedroom or home office.

Frame it right

Get creative with a gallery wall; you have the option to go totally eclectic with different shapes, shades and sizes or, for those who like a little more order, mount the same sized frames in symmetry to create a sense of sophistication – the possibilities are endless. Just don’t forget to plan this out first!

Go big or go solo

A picture says a thousand words and sometimes that’s all you need to make a statement. One large piece of art is the perfect way to accent a large wall or go one step further with a triptych for a truly mesmerising scene. Why not try turning one of your photos into a printed canvas for something a little more personal?

Think outside the box

Art doesn’t have to be in a frame. For informal elegance, try tapestries, sculptures, coffee table books or even a curated collection of vintage china, all of which are brilliant alternatives to traditional pieces of art. For a more casual vibe, opt for retro posters or vinyl records displayed in a relaxed fashion.

Furnishing your home with carefully selected art is an exciting journey. The key is to discover the type of art you are more drawn to, consider how it will fit into the interior of your home as well as determine how to display it for maximum impact. If you’re currently looking for affordable art to display in your home, have a browse on Wychwood Art for a range of art work suited to a variety of budgets. From Kate Boxer to Amanda Horvath, there really is something for everyone.

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