Building Your Confidence Before A Job Interview: A Guide For Businesswomen

Building Your Confidence Before A Job Interview: A Guide For Businesswomen

Preparing for an important job interview can be stressful and a bit daunting. Just remember to take the necessary steps to get yourself ready and bite the bullet by putting any fears or anxieties you may have to one side so you can talk confidently during the interview. 

You want to make sure you are able to express your skillset and professional experience as well as possible to your potential future employers to give you the best chance of landing the role you’re applying for

We’ve written this guide for businesswomen on building your confidence before a job interview to provide you with some helpful advice. Carry on reading to discover more.

Rehearse Your Interview Responses 

You will feel much better prepared if you rehearse your responses to questions in your upcoming job interview. Think about the obvious questions they may ask about your professional experiences up to this point and rehearse answers regarding what you managed to learn from them. If you’re a bit younger and have fewer years’ experience under your belt, don’t sweat it, it’s all about focussing on what you got out of the experiences that you’ve already had so far. 

It could also be wise to do a fair bit of research into the company or brand you’re applying for. If it’s a large, well-known company with many employees, there may be a lot of literature online about the sorts of questions they tend to ask during interviews. However, interviewers often like to catch interviewees off guard by asking questions you cannot prepare answers for and seeing how you resolve this and rise to the challenge with a top response. So, alongside rehearsing prepared answers, you also need to expect the unexpected and for the interviewer to throw a few curveballs your way.

Keep Things Succinct 

Long-winded responses may bore the interviewer and make you come across as uncertain or confused in regards to what you’re saying. Try to keep your answers as to the point and concise as you can. Perhaps you can use your smartphone or an hourglass to time your interview answers as you prep for your upcoming job interview. However, showing off your range of vocabulary may impress the person interviewing you. Just make sure you know the real meaning of any specialist words you use to avoid saying something you didn’t mean. 

Pearly Whites Will Boost Your Confidence

Many body language experts and psychologists hold a firm held belief that positive body language could go a long way in helping you to pass a job interview with flying colours.  It’s not all about what you say during an interview; it’s also about the signals your body language gives off. You want to smile and have positive body language that exhibits your confidence during a job interview. 

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Wear The Appropriate Attire For The Occasion

You must try to wear appropriate clothing for the interview. If you’re going for a job where the employer requires you to wear formal attire on a daily basis, make sure you look out your best work dresses, suits, and trousers. The business organisation may provide you with some advice on what you ought to wear to the interview. If this is not the case, go online to find helpful information on what could be suitable for you to wear to one of their job interviews.

Nevertheless, there’s no need to get yourself overly worked up and into a frenzy about what you will wear to a job interview. Remember to be yourself during the interview and speak slowly and clearly about why you’re the best candidate with all the necessary vital attributes for the role.

There’s also a practical side of what you wear to the interview. For instance, you should definitely bring a waterproof coat/jacket or umbrella if you’re travelling via public transport or on foot and it’s forecast to rain outside. Otherwise, you may inconveniently turn up to your interview soaked right through.  

Arrive Early 

Employers have always taken punctuality very seriously, and lateness is a poor trait in a candidate going for a role.  Therefore, it’s better if you make an effort to arrive at your interview early. Arriving a little early will also mean your mind is well prepared for the challenge ahead, whereas being late may cause you to rush in the interview and forget things as you go along.

Confidence is essential to you performing well in an interview and being able to talk about the range of qualities you have as a businesswoman to employers with ease. Just try your best not to lose your nerve, breathe calmly, and stay focussed.  

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