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3 Ways To Make Your Home Move Easier

So, you’ve finally got onto the property ladder and purchased your first home! It’s an exciting time for everyone involved, however the day of the move is a whole other story. From packing your items to moving the furniture as well as travelling to your new destination and settling in, it really can take a toll on even the organised of individuals. But, don’t worry; here are three simple ways to ensure you’re under control during the big day:

Pack, Protect & Secure

Before starting to pack the bigger things in your current house, think about the important documents you have lying around, such as passports, driving licences and other confidential data. It’s important to keep these secure at all times, so you may decide to carry them in a holdall as opposed to packing them in a box with your other items. For smaller items around your house, start packing well in advance to allow plenty of time to organise yourself and your new home efficiently. For this, be sure to have multiple durable cardboard boxes and sticky tape as well as a working black marker so you are able to secure your belongings and categorise items whatever way you feel is easier for you. Consider taking on the help of your family members; there’s something for everyone to get stuck into during a home move, no matter how young (or old!) If you’re downsizing, think about donating unwanted items and furniture to your local charity instead of throwing them away or leaving them behind – it’ll be very much appreciated, especially during the current pandemic.

Remove, Store & Relocate

For the big day, you’ve probably already hired a removal van or two depending on the amount of items you need to move to your new home – if not, be sure to book this in advance as removal businesses can be in demand during peak times! If you’re relocating to a whole new city, consider taking a break during the middle of your journey and storing your items in a self storage space. There are many self storage spaces available to lease, either on a short term or long term basis, such as, Now Storage Basingstoke, which offers a wide range of storage sizes to choose from alongside 24/7 CCTV monitoring and no deposit. Not only will this ensure that you’re travelling more efficiently, but it’ll provide you with a piece of mind as your belongings will be in a secure location with access control.

Check, Redirect & Relax

Creating a to do list is a brilliant idea to keep organised when settling into your new home – plus it’s a great feeling to be able to check off completed tasks! One of the most crucial things to remember is to change your address with any businesses and organisations as this will prevent your personal information from falling into the wrong hands (identity fraud is the last thing you want!) An easy way to do this is to set up a mailing redirection via Royal Mail which will automatically forward your letters to your new place – pretty handy, right?

Finally, after all that hard work, it’s time to get your feet up and relax – you deserve it!

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